The Top Ten Performances of the Season: 2 and 1

Kemba and Tatum backwards

Photo: Sir Charles in Charge

By: Patrick Whalen

We finally reach the end of our Top 10 Performances of the Season countdown. We’ve seen some great performances from the likes of Jaylen Brown, Daniel Theis, Enes Kanter, Gordon Hayward, and Marcus Smart. But of course, at the top of our rankings are the only 2 players with multiple appearances on our list and that, of course, is new Celtics star Kemba Walker and the young blossoming All-Star Jayson Tatum. So let’s jump right into our final rankings starting with the number 2 spot in the rankings.

2: Kemba Walker vs the Pacers December 11, 2019

Coming off starting 4-0 in the month of December and winning 6 of their last 7 the Celtics headed out to Indiana to take on the Pacers. This would be a tough road test for the Celtics against a potential playoff foe despite missing star guard Victor Oladipo and this would turn out to be Kemba Walker’s best game as a Celtic to date. Walker would explode for a season-high 44 points on 16-28 shooting combining his acrobatic layups and his great three-point shooting. Walker would make 7 of his 15 three-pointers and would chip in 5 of his 7 attempted free throws. Walker wasn’t just scoring with his isolation game, he was also drilling shots off his pull-up jumpers. Plus despite having his massive scoring outburst Kemba still managed to add on 7 assists to go along with his 44 points. but despite Walker’s great efforts, the Celtics fell to the Pacers 122-117.

1: Jayson Tatum vs the Clippers February 13, 2020

And finally in our top spot we’ve got the young star, Jayson Tatum. After winning 5 of their first 6 games in February the Celtics welcomed the LA Clippers to Boston for a battle between two of the top teams in the NBA. It would be a tough battle against the loaded Clippers that featured the likes of Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Lou Williams and Jayson Tatum would step up against the Clippers for one of his best clutch performances of his career. Tatum would score 39 points on 14-23 shooting including 5-10 from three-point range. Tatum would use all parts of his offensive repertoire with his three-point shooting, great mid-range game, and stellar post moves and driving ability. Tatum’s scoring was also clutch as he scored 24 of his 39 points between the fourth quarter and both overtime periods. Plus he added 9 rebounds to his stat line. Tatum’s amazing clutch performance of outdueling Kawhi down the stretch helped lead the Celtics to a double-overtime win by a score of  141-133 and helped get Jayson Tatum to the top of our rankings of the best performance of the season.

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