Jaylen Secured the Bag for a Fat $115 Million Extension

Jaylen Brown Flex

Photo: Hot New Hip Hop

By: Patrick Whalen

So for anyone who missed the big news yesterday Jaylen Brown secured the bag yesterday as he came to an agreement with the Celtics on a 4-year extension worth $115 million. This extension will keep Jaylen in Boston through the 2023-24 season when he’ll be only 26 years old. The deal helps the Celtics move one step closer to securing their young core for the foreseeable future as they already locked up Marcus Smart through the 2021-22 season and still have Jayson Tatum on his rookie deal through the 2020-21 season.

Brown’s average salary over the life of this extension will be $26,750,000 which has some fans freaking out because they believe Jaylen isn’t worth that much and that is all-star players money. But meanwhile, around the league, fellow draft class membersBuddy Hield and Pascal Siakam both just got big extensions as well. Hield got $94 million from Sacramento and Siakam got $130 million from Toronto and they’re both 3 years older than Jaylen. What some Celtics fans are forgetting is that Jaylen still isn’t done developing and isn’t even close to his prime. This contract is based all on development and becoming the player we saw towards the end of 2017-18 during the playoffs. GM Danny Ainge had to see the potential in Jaylen to give him this extension as its the first rookie extension Ainge has given since Rajon Rondo, and we all remember how good a player Rondo was in Boston.

I believe that Jaylen will be able to live up to this contract as he puts in the time and work to get better every day. If you want to see exactly what we think Jaylen will do next season you can check out his Report Card. Now here are some highlights of our new hundred million dollar man.

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