Enes Kanter, Not Rob Gronkowski is Bostons Future WWE Star

Enes the Menace

Photo: Neo Seeker

By Patrick Whalen

After all the talk over the past year-plus of Rob Gronkowski retiring and joining the WWE only one of those things came true. Yes, sadly Gronk retired but he didn’t join the WWE as some people we saying he should but Boston still have one athlete that may fulfill that dream after his career in the NBA. As some of you may already know new Celtics center Enes Kanter is a big fan of wrestling and specifically the WWE. Enes has even incorporated some wrestling into his offseason training with a little bit of fun along the way. This was him back in July having some fun after a workout, in full character of course.

Enes even said on a Tv appearance recently that he wants to join the WWE after he retires from the NBA. Plus, he already has two potential nicknames picked out in “Enes the Menace or the Turkish Delight” Personally I’m leaning towards Enes the Menace, the name just rolls off the tough and the can work for an NBA nickname as well when he is ripping down 10+ rebounds a night.

But just this past week on WWE’s Monday Night RAW Enes was already showing his potential as a wrestling entertainer. He blindsided wrestler R-Truth throwing him to the ground and claiming the 24/7 WWE belt. And of course, while Enes raised the belt high in Madison Square Garden he did not miss the opportunity to troll his old team, the New York Knicks, as he took off his jacket and showed off his new Celtics uniform. But it did not last long as R-Truth got up and brought Enes down from behind to take his belt back.

After this past season, it has been great to see a refreshing fun Celtics team during the offseason between Enes’ wrestling and cheat meals, the rookies having fun in Vegas, and the guys tearing it up for team USA over in Shanghai, and of course, Tacko Fall doing most anything. This season is setting up to be a fun one and with opening night just 43 days away the season can’t come soon enough.

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