Enes Kanter Ended his Fued with Nick Wright and Much More on First Things First

Kanter First Thing First

Photo: Flipboard

By: Patrick Whalen

Last week new Celtic Enes Kanter went on to First Thing First with Nick Wright and Chris Carter and we learned a lot about the new Celtic center. First off we learned that Kemba Walker from the second he signed with the Celtics was already recruiting as he was calling Enes from Danny Ainge’s phone on the first night of free agency. We also learned that Kemba and Mark Wahlberg were equal reasons to why Enes chose to come to Boston and that Enes is already hagging out with the Wahlberg’s.

Most importantly though we learned about the situation with Kyrie Irving from an outside player’s perspective. When asked about how the team is moving on he said that when Portland played them last year Kanter said he could “feel the chemistry just wasn’t there and it felt like a negative energy.” He would even go on to say that “I would definitely take Kemba any day over Kyrie.” That just shows how bad that situation was last year if players on other teams can feel that negative energy on the court in-game. But on the bright side when asked about how he feels about this year Kanter said, “the first thing that comes to mind is family and that we have something really special and we can shock the world.” Seeing this chemistry and optimism, especially from a newcomer, is just a breath of fresh air after last season. The thing we all love to see is that you already hear things like it feels like family when training camp hasn’t even started, it shows just how close these guys already are.

We also learned about Kanter’s offseason that was highlighted by hosting 45 free basketball camps around the country. When the crew asked him about why he chose to do it he said, “I wanted to do something different.” He went on to say, “most guys are charging 3-400 dollars and I just don’t need their money.” It’s great to see the Celtics added a player that cares about charity work and doesn’t just focus on profiting off every single activity he does as an athlete. It’s actually quite refreshing to hear an athlete say I don’t need kids money to have a camp or 45.

But most importantly Kanter and Nick Wright finally ended their beef from this offseason when Enes tweeted at Nick after Nick said the Celtics offseason became “a complete disaster” after they lost Kyrie and Al Horford and replaced them with Kemba and Enes. Kanter went on to comment about Wright’s new hairstyle saying that “The only disaster is that hairpiece.” But they finally made up after Enes checked and saw that Nicks’s hair is indeed real and he then gave Nick a custom Celtics #11 jersey that says Wright on it.

To see the entire interview hit the link below.

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