Enes Kanters Cheat Meals Could Feed a Family of 8

Kanter Grubbing.jpg

Photo: Kentucky Sports Radio

By: Patrick Whalen

If any of you follow Enes Kanter twitter you’ve noticed some recent videos that he tweeted out about his “cheat day meals.” Now everyone, even professional athletes, have cheat days or cheat meals cause who can resist a nice cheeseburger or a pizza or a vanilla cupcake every now and then. They’re human I can relate to just craving some fried chicken or a meat lovers pizza but Enes Kanter takes cheat day to a new level.

First of all the amount of food in this video is just hilarious. This spread looks like something for an 8-year-olds birthday party. This man has 1 tray of burgers, 2 trays of sushi, 2 trays of hot dogs, and 3 trays of pizza like this spread could legitimately feed a family of 8. Second, this man does the ultimate savage move by throwing 2 hot dogs and a slice of pizza on his burger. You know normally you throw some lettuce and tomatoes on, maybe some onions, maybe some cheese but no Kanter tops his with hot dogs and pizza. Also, an absolutely wild move to not only put ketchup and spicy mustard but to put mayo on. I mean come on Enes mayo on a burger is bad enough but mayo on hot dogs and pizza too. I mean get that savagery out of here.

Then Kanter had another cheat day on Friday with rookie Tacko Fall.

Kanter decided to show Tacko some Turkish cuisine from his home country. Only thing Kanter probably didn’t mention was that he was gonna show literally every Turkish dish in existence. I mean they have 7-8 plates of different foods in front of them and this spread could probably feed the rest of the roster. I also now have to try this food because if Tacko says its good then it must be good.

These videos have brought me to two conclusions. One after Enes Kanter retires he should be the new star of Man vs. Food because this man would not lose an eating challenge unless a restaurant serves him their entire breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Second, the next time Kanter does a cheat day with Tacko its only logical that they do a Taco cheat meal. I also, love seeing this from the new Celtics just bringing a great friendly and family attitude to the building which is just making me that much more excited for this season.

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