Farewell Aron Baynes

Bald Baynes

Photo: NBC Sports Boston

By: Patrick Whalen

During last nights NBA draft the Celtics made two trades. The later of the two featured sending the 24th pick to the Phoneix Suns along with big man Aron Baynes.  Baynes has spent the last 2 seasons in a Boston uniform playing in 132 games and starting in 85 of them. Baynes has blossomed into a solid rim protecting center over the last 2 seasons for the Celtics and has improved his offensive game immensely by most notably adding a three-point shot to his game. Over his 2 seasons, Baynes has averaged 6 points and 5 rebounds while shooting 47% from the floor and 29% from three-point range.

With Baynes on the move, it now clears up $5.4 million in cap space for the Celtics this summer but he will be missed. Baynes rim protecting was a key to the Celtics success during a very inconsistent season. When he was out with a broken hand the void he left down low was noticeable and was one the Celtics couldn’t fill effectively on a nightly basis. Despite just playing in just two seasons Baynes played with the heart of someone who truly bled green and gave this organization everything he had on a nightly basis. All of Celtics nation will miss the big loveable Aussie.

Good luck in Phoneix Aron!

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