What the Hell is Going On

Sad Danny Ainge

Photo: Black Sports Online

By: Patrick Whalen

As we approach draft night with the Celtics holding 3 first round pick (14, 20, and 22) the narrative has changed drastically over the last month from the Celtics using these picks to trade for a star to needing these picks to rebuild the roster.

Since the Celtics were eliminated by the Bucks over a month ago it has been turmoil since. Kyrie Irving, who said he would resign before the season, has now all but told the Celtics that he is leaving this summer. Irving’s lack of leadership ability drove a wedge between the Celtics veterans and rookies as it has been reported that he did not have good relationships with Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, or Terry Rozier as they would argue many times in game and it was even reported that Irving treated Tatum like his little brother. Ironically enough that was the same reason Kyrie wanted out of Cleveland because LeBron James treated Irving like a little brother. Irving’s ego and lack of leadership skills have led to the demise of what could have been a decade of title contending in Boston.

And now the situation has gotten even worse as Al Horford originally opted out of his $30 million option to take a team friendly deal but now negotiations have fallen apart and Horford is looking for a new 4-year deal elsewhere. In the span of just over a month, the Celtics have gone from contenders to a rebuilding middle of the way team in the eastern conference. The loss of the two stars has also shifted the Celtics priorities as they are now looking to deal veteran center Aron Baynes to save $5 million.

With the veterans either on their way out or looking for a trade, the Celtics will need to continue their recent draft success to help lay the foundation for a bright future that will be based around Tatum and Brown. My personal picks we would at 14, Tyler Herro, at 20, Bol Bol and at 22, Grant Williams. This would give the Celtics a nice mix of perimeter scoring and post presence. If the Celtics make these three selections and bring back Rozier they will have a young core to build around for years to come with JB and JT leading the way.


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