Kyrie Wills the Celtics Back From a Horrible Start as the Celts Top the Suns in OT

Kyrie Smiling

(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

By Patrick Whalen

Last night out in the dessert the Celtics were able to pull off a miraculous comeback win over the Phoneix Suns in overtime by a score of 116-109. I’m not gonna lie, in the first half I wanted to murder this team. They played probably the worst half of basketball I’ve ever seen in the first half last night. Shooting 18% in the first quater and 22% for the half ( I was wondering if it was actually the Maine Red Claws filling in to give the Celts the night off against the 2-8 Suns. With that kind of first half performace Paul Peirce probably could have changed his bold prediction of Duke beating the Cavs to Duke beating the Celtics.

The first half was so bad that Kyrie was the only starter to score points for the Celtics. The rest of the starters…. SHEESH!

After that kind of performance on the road and being down 20 at the half I don’t care who we’re playing I’d assume that were taking a hard L that night. But theres one factor that this team has that others don’t, we’re the Boston Celtics. This team literally could be down 75 points and they’d still play till the very last minute and never give up.

In the second half Kyrie and the bench got a boost from the starters as the other 4 starters provided 36 points in the second half led by Jaylen Brown with 17 points. The Celtics shooting woes also did a complete 180 in the second half as they shot 55% for the field in the second half including 47% from 3 after only shooting 21% from 3 in the first half (

Late in the fourth the Suns took a time out once the Celtics cut the lead to 12 and after that it was all Celtics. Kyrie hit a 3 to cut it to 9 with 3 minutes left and it then became a back and forth of Kyrie v Devin Booker and Kyrie won this battle as he went off in the fourth.

Kyrie and Jaylen down the stretch made one of the biggest defensive plays of the night stealing the ball from Booker and making a layup to cut the lead to 1 point with 7 seonds left.

TJ Warren was then fouled and made 2 free throws to bring the lead back to 3 with 6 seconds left. With the Celtcs needing a three everyone knew the ball was going to Kyrie but, as he was double teamed Kyrie passed it over to Marcus Morris and he burried the game tying 3 with 0.3 seconds left.

Once it got into overtime it was all Celtics as they shot 67% in OT including 80% form 3 point land ( Again the hero was Kyrie as he scored the first 6 Celtic points in OT and had 2 assists, one on an Al Horford 3 to tie the game at 109 and one to Marcus Morris on a layup to push the lead to 5 and ice it.

Overall it was a great come back win for the Celtics and could be the start of a big win streak as this game could have been the spark they’ve needed. But the Celtics are lucky that they were playing a young Phoneix team, they have Utah next and need to put together a solid 48 minutes of basketball if they want to win on the road again. This will also be Gordon Haywards first time returning to the Jazz as a Celtic so look for him to have a little extra chip on his shoulder Friday night and if he can play well along with Kyrie the Celtics should be able to get their second consecutive road win on this western conference road trip.

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