Grab An Opportunity by The….



 Inaugural Blog By Brandon Clay

There is never a dull moment if you are someone who has lived in or around the city of Boston in the past 16 years. Most people have no idea the resilience the entire city has not only with it’s professional sports teams, but the entire commonwealth of the state.

If you have lived as a Masshole for at least 16 years, you have lived through 11 parades in your life that has trotted down the historic city.

Image result for 16 year old 11 parade sign(Photo from

Growing up as a masshole means only so much, but living in a small town in mass, aint all the same. as most of you reading this may know a little bit about me, I always think to myself that I PEAKED in high School. as much as I do miss growing up in my little town, I don’t think I would redo anything that I did in high school, maybe changed my hairstyle from the “ugly brunette JB” hair to the “kinda cool Reece Mcleoud spike” hair way earlier. The fact of the matter is, I can 100% agree that every situation is an opportunity, and I will refrain from saying what I am thinking, but you must grab every opportunity by the… HORNS!! anyways, with every opportunity taken will bring you places you could never imagine if you put your heart to it. (Sappy soft heart moment) Me and my really good buddy Pat Whalen have both worked in communication in college for a while now, working in media and sports, I mean for goodness sake the kid works everyday with a Division 1 Softball team, ya can’t just get that given to ya, so he must be doing something right.

We both have been huge Boston fans since the womb, and when I mean since then, I mean TRUE fans. if you don’t believe it, try this: October 31st, 2018, it is 12:45 A.M. a flight  from South Carolina lands in Logan Airport, guess who is on that flight, THATS RIGHT THIS GUY WHALEN TOOK A FLIGHT ALL THE WAY FROM SC TO SEE THE RED SOX QUE THE DUCK BOATS. now THAT is a real fan right there. that is legit a story I can tell my grandkids great grandkids, and yes, we will both still be alive for them.

So we came up with this podcast to accomplish two things: to share our crazy and probably dangerous experiences in life, and to talk about how much Gershon Yabusele needs to hit the gym, totally kidding.

We put together this blog and podcast in hopes of people enjoying listening, reading, and maybe even snagging a chuckle or two, as we talk about one of our favorite sports teams to our eventual favorite people in our favorite city.

Some may think we are just hopping on the bandwagon of  “Pointless podcasting,” but we both have so many various skills that we want to put something out there to entertain, inform, and to discuss diet plans with Yabusele.(Again, totally kidding.)

We plan to post daily throughout the season, catch Whalen updating you with game recaps, highlights, and takes, as you can catch me eating a 4 for 4 from Wendy’s at the same exact time.(This time, probably not kidding.)

Continue to keep yourself updated on the “Blog Posts” tab, you will not regret it

This is another opportunity we grabbed by the…. HORNS, so we hope you find nothing but enjoyment in our journey as ‘The Parquet’ sets sail on her maiden Voyage,

First Podcast Release: ? – ?? – 2019


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